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Inspections Overview

This view lets you create and edit inspections. The highlighted number indicates the iWorkbook version you are currently using.


Status of an Inspection

In the inspection view, tasks and inspections can have two states:

In ProgressThe inspection isn't finished yet or isn't marked as completed by the user
CompletedThis iWorkbook has been locked by the user – it cannot be modified until this state is undone

Inspection Progress

There is a progress circle at the right of the iWorkbook entry that indicates the current status or progress of the inspection.

incomplete progressIncomplete progress circleThis indicates the progress of mandatory questions answered within the inspection. Optional questions will be ignored in this overview.
complete progressFull progress circleThis symbol indicates that all mandatory questions within the inspection have been answered, but no final report has been generated.
reportgeneration in progressIncomplete report generationThe final report generation is in progress. The inspection cannot be changed anymore
reportgeneration doneComplete report generationThe final report is generated. The inspection cannot be changed anymore

Naming an inspection

After selecting an iWorkbook to work with, a dialogue box will appear. There, you can choose a specific name for the inspection. If you click OK without entering a new name, a default name will be used instead.

naming an inspection

Scripting the title of inspection

Instead of manually entering the name of the inspection, you can also use scripts to name the inspections dynamically. In this case, the dialogue box will not appear.

Inspection options

Pressing the options symbol will display a context menu where you can interact with the inspection in different ways.

inspection options

OpenOpens the inspection
DeleteRemoves the inspection
FinishStarts the final report generation, the inspection cannot be changed anymore
RenameChanges the name of the inspection
UpgradeUpdates the inspection to the latest available version of the respective iWorkbook
ReopenA locked inspection can be reopened if allowed
Create report
Show report


By pressing the progress symbol, you are able to delete the selected inspection or inspections.

menubar actions

Inspection versions and colors

Every Workbook has a name and a version number. To make it more recognizable, this version number will have a background color.

If there is a newer version available for an ongoing inspection, this will be indicated by the most recent versionnumber available.

inspection version update

The update can be done via the context menu accessable through the menu-icon. menu icon