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Creating a simple workbook

This guide introduces you to the very basics of the iCL products. It is a good starting point if you want to get started with our system. Before you can start an inspection, you need a workbook to work with. This tutorial walks you through the process of creating a new workbook from scratch, providing a basic understanding of the most important elements of a workbook as well as showing a few best practices.

Fields assignable from tasks

Until now, you learned how to create workbooks that can be used to start inspections from scratch. This way, however, users will have to keep track of what inspection is to be done and when.

Test a draft version of a workbook

As a workbook designer, you might've came across the need to test a newer version of a workbook or a completely new workbook with real content item data. To do so, you'd have to upload it first to iCL Portal and publish it to make it available in iCL Filler, but then all inspectors can access it too, which you probably want to avoid when a workbook is still in test phase. We introduced a solution for this: test mode 🚀