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Open an existing task

Intended Use
  • Open a task directly via a link without opening the iCL Filler and searching for it.
  • Send an e-mail to a user with a link to a task, so that the user can open it directly.

Let us assume several tasks already exist in the iCL System, as your integration solution already created them. Each of those tasks will have an external identifier which your use to identify that task at a later point. Now you would like to give you user a simple way to open the task with the external id/reference TASK_0001 in iCL Filler without having to open the app itself and searching for it. For this, you can use the “opentask” deep link API. It allows you to send a link (i.e. a URL) to your inspector (maybe via e-mail) so that (s)he only has to click the link and it would magically open iCL Filler and show the task to the user. The url has the following format:$action=opentask&externalId=<externalid_of_task> For example, to open the task TASK_0001, the url would look like this:$action=opentask&externalId=TASK_0001


If you have the Android SDK installed on your computer, and set up developer mode on your device, you can use the ADB command shell to test this feature. For this, simply start ADB and run the command like so:

adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -c android.intent.category.BROWSABLE -d "\$action=opentask\&externalId=TASK_0001"

Notice that we had to escape the special characters $ and & with a backslash \ as this is required by ADB.