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Public beta program 🦜

In case you want to participate in the public beta program, please follow the instructions below.

On your mobile device, open the following URL in your browser:
Join iCL Filler 2.0 Beta
Alternatively you can open the following URL in any browser (e.g. on your PC), but ensure that you are logged-in/log in with your google account. (To find the user name, open the Play Store app on your Android device and look in the settings)
Join iCL Filler 2.0 Beta (alternative link)
You should now see the following dialog with a button allowing you to join the beta program.
Click BECOME A TESTER to proceed.

In case you would like to leave this program, simply open the URL again, click on the LEAVE THE PROGRAM button and follow the instructions of that web page.

Canary testing 🦜

Before a new beta version is released, it undergoes thorough testing on our internal test channel. So any beta version you install should be stable and usable.

Once a beta version is available, customers do have a minimum of one to two weeks to test the new app version before it is released to the public. Please use this opportunity to test the new app version and report any issues you might encounter.

In the unlikely case of a blocking issue/error, you can create a backup of your data and reinstall the latest released version of iCL Filler from the App Store or Google Play Store.