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The connection section shows the URL of the iCL Portal you are logged in to, your username and the tenant name. In case you want to switch the iCL Portal, user or tenant, you can logout from here.

Warning - logout clears the applications data

If you want to log out, make sure to synchronize your data first. Otherwise all data that has not yet been sent to iCL Portal will be lost forever.

URLThe Adress of the iCL Portal.
TenantThe name of the tenant.
Current UserThe name of the current user.
E-MailThe e-mail adress of the current user.
LogoutSevers the connection to iCL Portal and clears the local application data.



The synchronisation handles the data transfer between the iCL Portal and iCL Filler.

SyncAllows you to manually kick of the synchronization process that transfers all workbooks, images, inspection- and content item data
ResynchronizeRe-sends all changes that were ever made locally on the current device and re-downloads all data from iCL Portal.
Last synchronization in backgroundShows when the synchronization was last running in the background and allows to start it manually
Synchronizeautomatic: Starts the synchronisation process automatically at the appropriate time (e.g. completion of an inspection, launching the app)
manual: Synchronizes only if the user explicitly requests it
Sync-policyonly in WiFi: Only synchronize if a WiFi connection is established.
allow mobile data: enable the synchronization with a mobile data connection.
promt if mobile data: Warns the user if the sync would be initialized while a mobile data connection would be used.
Show notifications for background syncWhen enabled, background synchronization displays progress notifications on the mobile system (Android/iOS)
Enable detailed sync loggingFor diagnostics purposes only
Automatically synchronize when a task is accepted or rejectedWhen enabled, the automatic synchronization process will be started whenever a task is accepted or rejected.
Download files on demandWhen enabled, the app will download all necessary metadata (inspections, tasks, etc.) but will download images only when they are about to be shown to the user. This is the default setting to avoid unnecessary network and disk space consumption.
Enable local database retry policyWhen enabled, the app will automatically re-try to save changes in case the local database is temporary overloaded



General settings for language and navigation.

Standard language for inspectionsThe language that should automatically be used by default, should a workbook provide multiple languages to perform an inspection.
Regional formatShows the current language settings of the app
Navigate back to task list after completing an inspectionIf enabled, the app will navigate to the task list instead of the inspections list view whenever an inspection is completed that was started for a task.
Save picture to galleryWhen enabled, images taken during an inspection are additionally stored in the local devices image gallery uncompressed (in full quality)
Use single script engine for efficiency reasonsFor diagnostics purposes only
Maximum number of results that can be returned by a content item queryThe maximum number of content items that can be returned by a query. Keep this as low as possible, as the query will be performed in-memory.
Enable dynamic sorting of tasks, inspections and checklists
Page size of the inspection listSet the maximum number n of inspections that are loaded into the list. Once the user scrolls down far enough, the next n inspections will be loaded from the database
Page size of the task listSet the maximum number n of tasks that are loaded into the list. Once the user scrolls down far enough, the next n tasks will be loaded from the database
Delete unused filesDeletes all files that have not been used since the selected number of days.



Use broader mandatory barsWidens the mandatory bars in the filler to make them more visible.
Show hidden fieldsEnables the visibility of hidden fields. These fields still cannot be altered in any way.
Show QR code scanning button in task viewEnables the QR- and Barcode scanner in the task list.
ThemeSystem/Dark/Light manages the display mode for the device (Android and iOS only).



Duration of "Inspection completed" notificationSets the duration of the green 'Inspection complete' toast appearance to complete the inspection directly by pressing it.
Warn if more than this many fields are deletedIf a user changes some field in a checklist that would cause n dependent fields to be cleared, a warning will be displayed. Default value: 0.

Task basket​

Contains options for the task basket feature, which allows to accept multiple tasks at once.

Task Basket

Enable feature: Task basketEnables the task basket feature.
Automatically select tasks in basketWhen enabled, all tasks that are currently in the task basked will be automatically be selected when the user opens it.
With basket mode enabled, if QR code search yields single result, adds it to the basket directlyIf the task basket mode is enabled, and the user scans a QR code that yields a single task, this task is automatically added to the task basket.


Plan rendering performance optionsAutomatic: The system automatically decides which format of the plan to use.
Quality: Specify that the svg/pdf file should be used (the plan rendering is slower, but it scales without pixelation).
Performance: Specify that the image is to be used (the plan view will pixelate if the zoom factor is too high, but it will respond smoothly).


[Signature] Automatically change display orientation to landscapeIf enabled, the signature field will be opened in landscape mode

App info​

App Info

Contains information about the currently installed iCL Filler version.

iCL Filler App VersionThe current version of the app.
Device identifierUniquely identifies this device
SQLite VersionFor diagnostic purposes only



BackupCreates a backup of the app's local data and sends it to the Opti-Q team for further analysis.



Contains information about the currently usesd license.

License ID
License expires at



Show workbooksShows a list of all available workbooks on this device. This list is for informational purposes only.

Developer options​

In this section there are options to change the behaviour of the system. Changing these options is recommended only if necessary.


Allows to manually trigger defragmentation and to change the interval of automatic defragmentation.
Defragment every X daysAllows to set the number of days to pass until the app needs to defragment again.

Every once in a while during synchronization, you will see the following progress icon appear:

This is the automatic defragmentation process. Whenever you add/update or delete data in iCL Filler, the local database gets updated and as time passes by, it will fragment. This means that the data is not stored in a contiguous block of memory, but rather in multiple blocks. This is not a problem per se, but it can lead to performance issues, especially when the database gets bigger and bigger. For that reason, the app provides an automatic defragmentation (or Vacuum) process, which will be executed every 7 days by default.

Background sync (iOS only)​

You can see when the background sync successfully completed the last time and trigger it manually.

Background sync

The switch enables or disables the notifications from background syncs.

Background sync notification

We recommend setting the background fetch interval in the iOS Settings to achieve maximum performance from the background sync. To do so, please open the iOS Settings and execute the following 3 steps.

Step 1. Passwords & AccountsStep 2. Fetch New DataStep 3. Fetch interval: Hourly
iOS Settings 1iOS Settings 2iOS Settings 3

UWP Language​

In the settings of iCL Filler you can adjust regional settings.

Language for inspections​

You can set the language preference in the setting 'Standard language for inspections'. By default, it is set to Device language, but can be set to any other language.

This feature requires the workbook to inherit a translation for the chosen language.

Language for iCL Filler​

At the moment, we support the languages English, French and German for the iCL Filler surface. You can select it from the 'Regional format' setting.


This setting also influences date- and number formatting.

UWP Light/Dark theme​

The iCL Filler on UWP will adapt the windows settings of the current device to set light- or darkmode accordingly.

If you use iCL Filler on Android and iOS with the same user account, the settings will get carried over to UWP.


This may cause visual conflicts on UWP, but you can reset UWP to default settings via the windows app manager. Keep in mind, that you may loose unsynchronized progress when doing so.