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Tasks & inspections

In iCL, there is a mechanism to plan tasks for your users: Tasks. A task can be created to specify

  • which user(s) should perform a specific action,
  • which workbook they should use,
  • and allows to provide some additional information that can be used in checklists.

Task states​

During its lifetime, a task can go through different states. The following states are available:


The numbers in the diagram indicate the value that is returned for a task state attribute in the API.

A task can be saved as a draft. Once all necessary information is provided (assigned user, workbook, etc.) you can publish it. As soon as a task is published, it will be synchronized to your users' devices. It will stay synchronized as long as the task has not been cancelled or completed. Once it reaches one of the (potential) end states, it remains on the users devices for 14 days, after which it will be cleared in order to not take up space unnecessarily.

configure retention period

While tasks get cleared from users devices, they will be kept in iCL Portal. This allows you to review the history of tasks and their results. This retention period can be configured in the iCL Portal settings of each tenant.

Tasks vs inspections​

As can be seen in the diagram, as soon as a user starts to work on a task, the system will create and maintain an inspection for that task. The inspection is the actual representation of the ongoing work and deliveries of the user. If a workbook allows this, a user can also start inspections without a task. In that case, only the inspection will be created and maintained.

For each and every action that can be performed on tasks, there is an API available. The only excemption is the performance of inspections/tasks, which has to be done via iCL Filler.

deleting a task deletes all inspection data

Once a task is completed, it can still be deleted by an administrator. Keep in mind, however, that this will also delete all inspection data that was created for this task, along with all checklists and reports

'completed' vs 'sent'​

Whenever a user completes an inspection/task, the final reports (documents) for this inspection will be created. During this time, the app will indicate that the inspection is not fully done yet by showing the "completed" icon half-trasparent. Once the reports are created, the inspection will be marked as "sent" and the icon will be fully opaque. Also, the sent date will be stored in the inspection.

wait for inspection to be sent before retrieving documents

Whenever you integrate iCL Portal and need to get completed tasks and their documents, wait for a task to be marked as sent before retrieving the documents.