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2. Retrieving changed tasks

In many cases, you will want to get the latest information of iCL Portal tasks and inspections in your legacy system.

3. Retrieving latest reports

A typical integration scenario is, that you have to retrieve all the final reports of inspections to e.g. store them in some special document management system. This may even be a legal requirement.

Advanced synchronization

When you define a content type, by default, all items of that type are distributed to all mobile devices. While this setup is simple and easy to get started, it does not scale in case you rely too heavily on content items.

Content Types

iCL allows you to quickly create powerful check lists to gather information on various things.

Knowledge base

Welcome to the Knowledge base. This is a collection of articles that describe the inner workings of the iCL System in order to give you a broad understanding of the system and how it works. It is intended for administrators and developers.