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The search function allows to find specific fields either in the whole workbook or in a specific checklist. It also searches in the iFindings section.

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Searching Nodes​

The user can open the search with the Search button at the toolbar or they can press Ctrl + F.

Searching in the current document means searching in the active checklist or iFinding (if there is nothing opened, there won't be any results).

Searching in the entire workbook means searching in all checklists and iFindings.

In both cases it searches in the title, name, blockly script and description of the nodes.

Searching Dependencies and Precedents​

The search also allows to search for nodes connected to blockly scripts:

The user can search for dependencies by right clicking the node and select Find Dependents or Find Precedents.

  • Find Dependents means searching for the nodes that are depending on the clicked node.

  • Find Precedents means searching for the nodes that the clicked node is depending on (so they are the selected node's dependencies).

Search Results​

Results of the search will be opened in a new window located in the bottom of the iCL Designer.

The results can be double clicked to automatically navigate to the specific notes.

Grouping Results​

It is also possible to group the results by one of the categories (Title, Name, ...)

A set filter can be removed by mouseover and selecting the appearing 'x'.

By clicking the filter, the sorting pattern can be switched between ascending and descending.

Via drag and drop, one ore more headlines of that list can be put in the grouping filter area above the list.