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When starting the app, you will be greeted by the login screen. After a successful login, you will be redirected to the inspection view. An inspection is an activity where you answer questions/fill in fields in checklists/forms and generate a report based on the answers you gave.

The inspection view lets you start new- and continue existing inspections. Additionally you are able to search and manage your ongoing inspections, synchronize with the iCL-Portal to send and receive the most recent data, access the settings menu and navigate to the task section.

Inspections overview

1UsernameShows the current user logged in within the iCL Filler.
2InspectionsNavigates to the inspection menu.
3TasksNavigates to the task menu.
4SearchOpens the search for specific inspections.
5New InspectionCreates a new inspection.
6SynchronizeTries to establish a connection with the iCL Portal to send and receive most recent data.
7Extend menu HelpShows hidden icons, if there are any or displays the icon text.
8SettingsNavigates to the settings menu, where the logout, backup, synchronization and further settings or informations can be found.


Inspections are shown in the inspections view as a list which is seperated between ongoing and completed inspections. Additionally, you can see the workbook title and version on which the inspection is based on. Further options are available via the menu icon to the right.

Inspections overview

1In progress inspectionsThe start of the list of ongoing inspections.
2OptionsBased on the state of the inspection, different options are available. Look here for further details.
3ProgressThis icon shows the current progress of an inspection which is basically the percentage of filled-in mandatory fields. Additionally, you can select multiple inspections by clicking on the progress icon.
4Inspection titleThe chosen title of the inspection.
5Workbook titleThe title of the workbook this inspection is based on. Workbooks define the checklists/forms, report templates, etc. that comprise an inspection
6Completed inspectionsThe start of the list of completed inspections. They will disappear after a certain time to free up space on the device. They will, however, remain available in iCL Portal
7Workbook versionThe current used version of the workbook used for the inspection. If an update is available, you will see a higher number right to this number. Look here for further details.

Inspection Progress​

An inspection stays in progress until the user decides to complete the inspection. This is only possible, when the according inspection has all mandatory questions answered within the workbook and thus the progress reaches 100%.

Inspections overview

The icons are indicating the state of an inspection.

incomplete progressIncomplete progressThis icon indicates the progress of mandatory questions answered within the inspection. Optional questions will be ignored in this rating.
complete progressFull progressAll mandatory questions within the inspection have been answered. No final report has been generated. At this point the user is able to complete the inspection.
reportgeneration in progressIncomplete report generationThe inspection cannot be changed anymore. The final report generation is in progress. This may take a while, also depending on your internet connection.
reportgeneration doneFinal reports createdThe final report was generated and inspection data sent to iCL Portal successfully.

Inspection Options​

Pressing the options icon will display a context menu where you can interact with the inspection in different ways.

inspection options

OpenOpens the inspection
DeleteRemoves the inspection
CompleteCompletes the inspection and kicks off the generation of the final reports. The inspection cannot be changed anymore.
RenameChanges the name of the inspection
UpgradeUpdates the inspection to the latest available version of the respective workbook
ReopenA completed inspection can be reopened if the workbook is configured to allow it.
Create reportCreates a draft/final report if available.
Show reportOpens the generated report.

Workbook: Version and Updates​

Every workbook has a name and a version number. To make it more recognizable, this version number has a random background colour.

If there is a newer workbook version available for an ongoing inspection, this will be indicated by a refresh icon as well as the new version number.

inspection version update

The update can be done via the context menu accessable through the menu-icon. menu icon

inspection upgrade

Select 'Upgrade' to update the inspection to the newest workbook version.

If there is a possibility of data loss during the migration, the system will warn you and you can still cancel the process.