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Fixing mobile app sync issues

While this should not happen a lot, it can rarely be the case, that one of your users cannot synchronize anymore. This can have multiple reasons, but if this happens, you normally do not have time to investigate the issue, but need to get the user back to work as soon as possible.

To do so, iCL Filler provides a "backup" feature. This feature allows you to create a backup of the user's data so that you can then reset the user's data to a clean state. The backup will be transmitted to Opti-Q, where our support staff

  • can restore the device state and reproduce the issue easily
  • and ensure that all data is eventually synchronized to iCL Portal.

Depending on the amount of data in your users app, the backup file can get quite large. Therefore, advice your user to connect to a WiFi network before creating the backup.

1. Creating a backup

First, ask your user to open the settings screen of iCL Filler and navigate to the "Backup" tab.

Next, advise your user to press the "Create backup" button, confirm that the data will be sent to Opti-Q and complete the backup process.

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The backup process can take a while, the operating system (Android, iOS, Windows) may halt executing the app causing the backup process to stop. To prevent this, ask your users to keep the app open and the screen active until the backup process is finished. The process is finished when the app shows the final confirmation dialog Backup ... created successfully.

2. Logging out & in again

When you log out of iCL Filler, the app will delete all data from the device and reset the app to a clean state. To prevent data loss, the app will synchronize the data once more before logging out.

In case your user has a sync issue, however, this synchronization will fail and the user will not be able to log out. To prevent this, you can force the app to log out without synchronizing the data, by simply cancelling the synchronization process.

In that case, the app will prompt the user that unsent data may lost and ask for confirmation.

Since they did create a backup before, they can safely confirm this dialog.

After logging out was successful, ask them to login again. This should fix the sync issue.

flight mode ✈️

In case your user claims (s)he cannot cancel the synchronization, ask him/her to

  • close the app
  • enable flight-mode
  • and then open the app again and press logout

As the device does not have internet access, it will not try to synchronize.

Then, before logging in again, advice him/her to switch off the flight-mode again.