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Detecting system issues

In iCL Portal, most of the heavy lifting is done in background jobs. So in case the system behaves "weird", e.g. your users are not receiving the data they need, reports are not sent, etc, the first spot to look for issues is the Hangfire dashboard.

administrative privileges

In order to open it, login to iCL Portal as an administrator with your favorite web browser.

Then navigate to Settings>Job Monitor

In the Hangfire Dashboard open the Jobs tab. What you see here is a list of all jobs. In case a job fails, it is retried 10 times. So, if you see a high number of scheduled jobs, this normally is an indication that one or more jobs fail constantly!

Thereafter it is listed as Failed such as in the following screenshot:

To fix those issues, click on Failed and then select one of the jobs to get more detailed information.

An error might be that reports cannot be generated, because the reporting service is unavailable. Once the problem is solved, you can requeue the jobs by selecting them (checking their checkbox) and pressing the Requeue jobs button.