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Handing duplicate inspections

The iCL system allows you to plan inspections for your users using tasks. In principle, every task can only be performed once. In the real world, however, it can happen that a task is performed multiple times.

When this happens, you will see two rows for the same task in the Inspections data grid on iCL Portal:


If you are an administrator, you can delete one of those inspecitons by selecting it and clicking the Delete button in the toolbar.

Since data is only soft-deleted (flagged as 'isDeleted' in the database and filtered, but not actually removed) in iCL Portal, the data can be restored later.


The simple reason why a task can be performed by multiple users is, that the iCL Filler app works offline. So it is not connected to iCL Portal all the time. If a task is self-assignable, every user of a given team can start this task.

Now, let's assume that Antoine Gadget and Alex MΓΌller synchronized their apps. Thereafter, both started the task 2023-001.

As both apps work offline, they do not get notified that the other user started the same task.

Once both finished their task and synchronized, iCL Portal will show two inspections for the same task. We deliberately do not delete any of those inspections automatically, as we do not know which one is the correct one!


As users should synchronize after completing an inspection in order to get their reports, this situation should not happen too often.