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Filling in Checklists

To be able to complete the inspection, you have to complete every checklist within the workbook by answering every mandatory question.

checklist menu

Checklist content​

Every Checklist has at least one chapter. Chapters are sections within a checkilst that break down the inspected topics further and usually contain a variety of questions. In this view you are able to fill out questions and navigate through different chapters.


1Menu buttonToggles the checklist navigation.
2Chapter listShows all available chapters in the current checklist.
3Status indicatorsThe grey box shows the amount of unanswered mandatory questions within that chapter. The red box shows the amount of negatively rated given answers.
4Search and collapse iconsSearch for something specific here or open/close all headlines.
5Question indicatorsA star left to the question indicates a mandatory question. A red bar to the left indicates an unanswered mandatory question. Answering a mandatory question turns the red bar to green.
6Negative AnswerDepending on the workbook configuration, some specific answers may return a negative score. This is indicated with the red boxes in the chapter- and headline-menubar, or as a red bar to the right of that question.


There are different types of questions and input elements. The goal of an inspection is to at least fill out every mandatory question.

If done so, the inspection can be completed and the final reports get generated.

Find out how to complete an inspection in the next chapter.