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Not every user should have access to all workbooks, tasks and inspections. With teams you can organize your users into separate groups that can work independently of each other. For example for each department you can create a team that only sees the workbooks, tasks and inspections, that are relevant for them.


Obviously users can be members of multiple teams!

Creating a Team​

At first, the tenant administrator has to create a team.

To create a team, fill in the following fields:

Title (*)Name of the team.
DescriptionGeneral description of the team.
Administrator (*)A team administrator can make changes within the team.
CoordinatorCan create and distribute tasks and access reports.
InspectorCan access assigned tasks and inspections.
ViewerCan view inspections.

You can change the title and description in the 'Settings'.

Team Navigation​

Once a team has been created and assigned to users, the team is provided with its own navigation bar.

InspectionsPlanned, started and closed inspections that have been assigned to the team.
MembersEnables you to add and edit members of a team.
iWorkbooksEnables you to add and edit iWorkbook templates.
ExportEnables you to add and use templates to export inspection data and files.
SettingsTeam details that can be edited, such as name and description.

Managing Team Members​

Select the menu item 'Members' to assign individual users to or remove them from the team - in the various roles.

The following user roles are available:

Roles/RightsReading InspectionsManaging InspectionsAdding iWorkbooksAdding Team MembersCreating TeamsCreate Export TemplateAdding Users
InspectorxTheir own
Team Administratorxxxx
Tenants Administratorxxxxxx
System Administratorxxxxxxx