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Managing workbooks

In order to distribute workbooks, that have been created in iCL Designer, you have to import them to the iCL Portal to be usable in the iCL Filler. To upload an iCL Workbook, there are two ways to do it. In the user interface you have also the possibility to interact with the workbooks via icons, which are explained below.

Import a workbook the global 'workbooks' section​

With administrator permissions you are able to see the 'workbooks' menu in the side navigation. There you can upload workbooks directly without selecting a team first. You are able to upload an workbook via Drag&Drop or by selecting the upload button.

Using this method is advisable if the workbook you are uploading is intended to be used by several teams- Uploading an workbook in the general section also makes it easier to keep every team up do date with the latest workbook version.

Once a template is uploaded, it has to be set to 'published' by selecting the workbook and using the 'globe' icon in the menubar. This will publish the entry and make it accessible for all involved teams.

If the workbook isn't assigned to a team yet, you can navigate to the 'Teams' menu, select a team add the workbook in the 'workbooks' section of that team.

Import a workbook to a team directly​

Workbooks can be imported via the team navigation as well. First, select the the team in the 'Teams' menu in the side navigation. Once in the team view, you navigate to 'workbooks' and upload your workbook via Drag&Drop or via the upload-button.

Command Bar - workbook List​

Working with the workbook list, you can use the following commands:

UploadEnables you to upload new workbooks.
RefreshUpdates the workbook list.
PublishPublishes selected workbooks.
DownloadEnables you to download the workbook.
Bulk import TemplateDownloads a prepared Excel template to bulk import tasks. Select the workbook first from the list.
DeleteDeletes selected workbooks.